2018 - 2019 Course Catalog

Middle and High School

Physical Education

Physical Eduation - 1 Credit

This course satisfies the graduation requirement for physical education and emphasizes personal fitness and lifetime activities. Students evaluate their present fitness level through assessment procedures learned in class and use this data to develop a personal fitness program. Through their personal fitness program and class fitness activities, students work toward meeting current health-fitness standards. 

Physical Education (Areobic) - 1 Credit

This course satisfies the graduation requirement for physical education and emphasizes personal fitness, aerobic activity, dance, and lifetime activities. Students evaluate their present fitness level through assessment procedures learned in class and use this data to develop a personal fitness program.  


World Languages

Spanish I - 1 Credit (9th Grade)

This course introduces the structure and phonetic system of the Spanish language with emphasis on oral proficiency and writing skills. The cultures of Spain and Latin America are studied. 

Begining Spanish - middle school

Beginning Spanish: Begins the study of Spanish with an emphasis on oral communication. Students engage in simple conversations, such as greetings and introductions, respond to teacher commands and understand and tell stories that target key vocabulary words and phrases. Gives students a strong background with which to begin Spanish I in the 9th grade. (This is not a prerequisite for Spanish I).

Career and Technical Educaiton CATE

Essential Communications - 1 Credit (9th Grade)

In the Essential Communications course, students will learn to communicate in a clear, courteous, concise, complete, and correct manner on both personal and professional levels. Competency will be developed in oral, written, interpersonal, technological, and employment communication. Listening skills will be incorporated throughout the course. 

Financial Math - 1 Credit (9th Grade)

Financial Math will empower students to apply fundamentals of financial preparedness and planning. Financial Math is essential to helping students become informed consumers as they become employed, create budgets, make major purchases, initiate savings plans, manage credit, and make strategic investment decisions.

Intorduction to Careers (middle school)

This course is designed to provide middle schools with a course in which students are introduced to career possibilities in the sixteen national career clusters adopted by the South Carolina Department of Education. Students will have an opportunity to explore job tasks and career opportunities in each cluster while identifying pathways from high school to post-secondary education and the workplace. Students will learn skills needed for success in college and careers with relevance to academic standards. This course is exposure to help each student gain an understanding of careers in order to assist in the development of an initial Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) in the 8th grade.


Riverwalk Specific

Riverwalk Ambassardors  (7th grade - 1 semester)

This one-semester course provides selected students with servicelearning type experience in areas such as the library offices (main, guidance, assistant principals, etc.), technology center, teacher/team assistants, club sponsor helpers, and peer tutors.  Additionally, studetns will be provided a PBL opporutnity to develop and carry-out a school-wide community event. 

Peer / Classroom Buddy (6th grade - 1 semester)

This course is offered for students who are interested in acting as a positive role modes and support for elementary school students. Peer/Classroom buddies are expected to act as a positive role model, friend, and a helper students as assigned to them by the classroom teachder.  Peer/Classroom buddies will assist with activities ranging from small group and one-on-one tutoring to assisting the teacher with general classroom managment.

Technology Support (7th Grade - 1 semester)

This is a one-semester class for 7th grade students to assist other students and staff members on how to use technology and to advance their own technology skills. Students will work on software troubleshooting and computer repair along with assisting teachers in the classroom.


Fine Arts

Chorus - 1 credit - 9th grade

This class is primarily for 9th graders. In this class, students will develop vocal techniques and sight-singing skills in addition to a strong base of music theory. Attendance at rehearsals and concerts outside of the school day (including weekends) is required.

Begining Art (7th Grade - 1 semester)

Beginning Art: The elements of art and the principles of design are taught through art production. In art production, the fundamentals of drawing and painting are stressed. Various media are used which may include water-color, pastel, acrylic, tempera, ink, and scratchboard. Art appreciation and art history are explored.


Robotics (8th and 6th Grade - 1 semester)

This is a beginning course in robotics. We will be utilizing Lego Mindstorm kits and EV3 Educational Software. The objective of this course is to introduce the student to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to build, program and control various robots designed to perform specific tasks. Projects will require individual and small group participation. Topics may include motor control, measurements, program sequences, sensors, loops, switches, delays and logic.

Jouirnalism (9th grade - 1 credit; 8th grade year long)

Journalism covers the functions of modern media, the techniques of news-gathering and interviewing, and practical experience in each area of news-gathering (news, features, sports stories, editorials and columns, headlines, photography, layout, and advertisements). Students will analyze school, regional, and national media productions. B average in English recommended