Riverwalk Academy

5750 Mount Gallant Road
Rock Hill, SC, 29732
United States


Riverwalk Mission Statement

to lead students to achieve through authentic Project-Based Learning experiences the knowledge and inquiry skills they need to succeed in life, college, and their future careers 

Riverwalk Vision

  • To create a place where Facilitators lead by example, through team teaching and collaboration which are modeled for our students.
  • To host new charter start-up teams and guide their process.

Riverwalk Goal

Riverwalk Academy’s Main Goal is to help your student graduate from High School ready for life.  Isn’t it time to offer adolescents a pathway to success in a school that’s proven to inspire and motivate kids to keep on learning? Isn’t it time to try a more innovative way to address the challenges of our nation’s dropout rate?  

We can keep kids in school and prepare them for life after graduation by delivering authentic learning experiences that matter to them. The first step is taking down the barriers between school and the outside world.  The second step is letting them leave, to learn! For information, go to www.LeavingToLearn.org

To learn more about Project Based Learning, go to www.scvCharterSchool.com and www.bie.org.

College Ready

Riverwalk students will be K16Ready!  You might ask, “What is K-16Ready?”  I’m glad you asked.  “K16Ready” is a student who attends school from kindergarten through the twelfth grade, and then goes on to attend and graduate from a four-year college.

So, when you put K-12 and a four-year college together, you get K16Ready!  The purpose of a K16Ready is to begin a “college going culture” in the hearts and minds of students and parents.  In a K16Ready “college going culture”, students will be constantly inundated in the world of college.

  • They will know where their teachers and administrators attended college.
  • They will visit their college partner annually and even participate in college activities.
  • At 16 years of age, students will take dual credit college classes from York Technical College.
  • By the time they graduate from this innovative school model at Riverwalk Academy, they may have up to 40 college hours or two years of college.