Riverwalk Academy Principal Search Update

The Board of Directors of Riverwalk Academy has been working diligently for months on the principal search process.  The steps followed to date have been:

  • Seeking proposals from professional organizations to assist with the search,
  • Reviewing proposals and establishing an agreement with an educational services firm,
  • Creating an updated job description for the principal’s position,
  • Appointing a principal search sub-committee of the board, 
  • Advertising for applicants via state and national education organizations,
  • Reviewing approximately 25 applicants from submitted resumes and accompanying documents,
  • Developing a screening rubric for first round interviews, 
  • Narrowing the list of applicants based on criteria such as eligibility for principal certification in South Carolina,  experience as a principal, knowledge of Project Based Learning and experience in charter school administration, etc.,
  • Inviting candidates for first-round interviews with the Board’s Principal Search Committee,
  • Conducting interviews,
  • Identifying top candidates
  • Briefing the Board on candidates.

Next steps include conducting second round interviews on May 1, 2017, with stakeholder groups including parents involved in PTO and other parent leadership positions, the Staff Advisory Council, and the full Board of Directors.  Following this round of interviews with the finalists, an opportunity for feedback will be provided to the stakeholder groups and the Board of Directors will consider all information gathered during the entire search process to determine the selection of the principal.  All of this work has been done during the past months in an organized and purposeful manner with the ultimate goal of finding the best candidate to lead Riverwalk Academy to fulfill the charter mission and to propel the school toward continuous improvement.  The Board of Directors is fully aware of the expressed interest of parents and staff in bringing the search process to closure as quickly as possible, but the Board of Directors is committed to making the process thorough and deliberate to meet the future needs of Riverwalk Academy.  It is projected that the search process will be completed no later than mid-May and sooner if circumstances allow.  Thank you for your patience as we grow toward a bright future for Riverwalk Academy.