Student Council


Dear 4th - 8th Grade Families,

Riverwalk Academy is proud to announce the start-up of our 2017-2018 Student Council! The Riverwalk Student Council will be involved with community projects, encouraging school leadership among the student body, school spirit events, PTO, fundraising events, school tours and much more. Learners will get to be a part of starting new traditions and being the voice of the student body. Student Council will meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 3:45 p.m.-4:30 p.m. There might be other days that members will need to stay in order to help set up for events, but these will be announced well in advance.

The Student Council Board will consist of the following offices: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member At-Large, which will be filled by elected 6th-grade learners. Student Council will also consist of two elected grade-level representatives from 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

Learners interested in running will need to do an electronic application that can be found at the following link:

The application can also be found on the Riverwalk website.

Learners running for 6th grade Board positions will write a speech and present it to the 4th through 8th grade learners during morning announcements. Candidates are able to create posters, flyers, and buttons to hand out during the 2 days before elections. They may not hand out food or other bribes to get votes. After the learners give their speech to their grade level, their peers will vote. Voting will also be done electronically this year in homeroom classes. The winning candidates will hold their position for the remainder of this year.

● Monday, September 11, 2017, at 4:00 p.m .

○ Applications will be open online

● Friday, September 15, 2017, by 4:00 p.m.

○ Last day for all applications to be submitted. No late applications will be accepted.

● September 18th – 22nd

○ Applications will be reviewed by Student Council Advisors

● Monday, September 25 th

○ Speeches will be given on, during morning announcements.

● Sept. 25th-27 th

○ Campaigning (Posters, buttons, flyers) can begin .

● Wednesday, September 27 th

○ Elections

● Thursday, September 28 th

○ The winning candidates will be announced

● Friday, September 29 th

○ Welcome and Expectations meeting for New Candidates during Community PBL Block

We are very excited and look forward working with each of you.

Thank you,

Student Council Advisors