Mr. Otis Receives "Most Valuable Lion" Award


Mr. Otis, who works for Interstate Solutions, has been named “Most Valuable Lion” for the month of December. Mr. Otis was nominated by several staff members. The staff who nominated him said:

While Mr. Otis is not technically "on staff," his actions are the epitome of those of a Riverwalk Academy staff member. Not only does he provide support in areas greater than "traditional custodial work," but his integrity is unmatched. Mr. Otis takes much pride in his work and he recognizes that a clean building has a positive impact on the overall climate of the school. Furthermore, he takes time to recognize staff, teams, and students when they have gone out of their way to "model the way" for others. Mr. Otis even came in on his day off work on several building-related items. He always has a smile on his face and his smile is contagious to the staff, students, and even the parents.

Another staff member said:

I strongly feel that Mr. Otis should receive this award because he is always so positive. He is so kind to both the students and the staff. I love that he never cringes at anything that he may see. My kids and I absolutely love and appreciate every single thing that he does for us. We can always count on him to take care of our trash before it fills up. We can also always count on him when our little ones have "accidents" and are in need of help to clean up the mess. I appreciate that he approaches every situation in a positive manner.

The committee who runs the Staff Member of the Month program felt so strong about this nomination, they created the special award to recognize Mr. Otis.

Congratulations Mr. Otis, you are #WhyRiverwalk