Ms. Harker Named March Staff Member of the Month


Ms. Harker has been named Riverwalk Academy Staff Member of the Month for the month of March.  Ms. Harker was nominated by a colleague and two parents.  Her nominators wrote:

  • (from a colleague): Whenever I see this teacher in or outside of the classroom, she is leading and teaching her students how to be successful. She is always displaying a positive demeanor and setting a great example for Riverwalk Staff

  • (from a parent): No matter what's going on she always has a smile on her face, positive attitude, treats each and every child with love, respect and like they were her own child. She goes above and beyond any teacher I have ever meet. She gives her children the positive encouragement and teaching to help them succeed she's even shown that by having their numbers increase on testing by 20%. I hope that she finally gets recognized for the wonderful person and teacher she is.

  • (from a parent): Another parent said: My daughter adores Ms. Harker, she has really bloomed in her class.  Ms. Harker pushes the students to their full potential and it was shown during the recent MAP testing. 

For being selected as the March Staff Member of the Month, Ms. Harker will have her very own parking spot for the month.

Congratulations Ms. Harker!