Ms. Foster Named Staff Member of the Month

Ms. Foster, middle school history teacher, was named Riverwalk Academy’s April Staff Member of the Month. Ms. Foster was nominated several staff members who said the following about her:

  • Ms. Foster has jumped in with PBL this year and she has supported her students in thinking BIG for their projects. Ms. Foster’s first answer to her students' ideas is almost always "yes," even when sometimes it's going to mean a lot more work! Ms. Foster always gives her all to the students of Riverwalk- from PBL in the classroom to after school track. Ms. Foster has been an amazing addition to the Riverwalk community!

  • Ms. Foster is an incredible teacher! Throughout this year she cultivated relationships with her students which allow them to succeed in life beyond the classroom. Recently, Ms. Foster saw an interest her students had and ran with it. The result is an incredible lock-in PBL with real life meaning. Her passion, dedication, and drive are inspiring and something we should all aspire to!

For being selected as the April 2019 Staff Member of the Month, Ms. Foster will be given her own parking spot for the month and she’ll also be recognized during the April Board meeting..

Congratulations Ms. Foster for being one of the reasons #WhyRiverwalk.

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