Ms. Davis Named October Staff Member of the Month

Ms. Davis, elementary interventionist and tenth grade student leadership teacher, is named Riverwalk Academy’s October’s Staff Member of the Month. Ms. Davis was nominated a staff member who said the following about her:

Ms. Davis (staff norm positive mindset) tackles every problem that arises with a positive mindset. She checks on the staff, reminds us she is here for help, and offers moral support. When she sees a staff member is feeling down or struggling she makes sure to let them know they aren’t alone and offers to help in any way she can. Mrs. Davis is so appreciated and I am so glad she is my coworker.

For being selected as the October 2019 Staff Member of the Month, Ms. Davis will be given her own parking spot for the month and she’ll also be recognized during the October Board meeting..

Congratulations Ms. Davis for being one of the reasons #WhyRiverwalk.

If you’d like to nominate a staff member for staff member of the month, click here. Nominations can be made by staff, parents, and students.