Hurricane Florence: Monday's Schedule

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Dear Lions,

I hope you all have stayed safe during this weekend’s storm.  I visited the campus earlier today and the buildings have power and everything inside is secured.  Additionally, there have been several conference calls today with York County Emergency Management, local government, and the surrounding school districts.  As a result of these calls, we believe it is best that Riverwalk Academy operates on a two hour delay on Monday, September 17, 2018.  This means that our school day will begin at 10:00 am (middle and high school students will report to their 3rd period class).  We will be able to begin receiving students as early at 9:15 am. There will be no Lion’s Den early drop-off on Monday. 

This decision for a late start was made with our students’ and their families’ safety in mind.  While the storm is moving out of the area, the concern is that some of the low lying areas in York County will begin flooding throughout the evening and night (we are presently in a flash flood warning).  This could make for hazardous driving conditions in the early morning while it is still dark outside.  The two hour delay will allow for it to be light outside so drivers will be able to more clearly see the roadways.  

Lions, I greatly appreciate all of your support during this time and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow by 10:00 am.

Stay Safe!

Hurricane Florence Update: Friday's Schedule


Dear Lions;

We have continued to consult with the York County Emergency Management and the surrounding school districts regarding Hurricane Florence, its predicted path, and impact on the York County area. Based on the information that we have received; at this timeRiverwalk Academy will operate on a half day on Friday (not an early dismissal). Additionally, the Lions' Den will not operate on Friday afternoon. We will continue to work with York County Emergency Management and monitor the situation throughout the evening. If the conditions change, or if there is a need to close school on Friday, an all-call will be made.

Friday’s dismissal schedule:

  • Elementary (blue tags) will dismiss at 11:15 am

  • Middle & High (black tags) will dismiss at 11:45 am

  • All Students Picked-Up by 12:15 pm

There is a chance that some of the surrounding districts might operate on an alternate schedule (either full closure or partial day). Please understand that this does not mean that we are putting our families at an increased risk. There is a State Regulation that prohibits operating a school bus when the sustained winds are greater than 30 mph. This is a major factor that the surrounding school districts are having to consider.

Throughout the evening, night, morning and over the next several days, we will continue to work with York County Emergency Management to monitor the weather and impact to the York County Area. If the situation changes for Friday, or if there is a need to modify our schedule for next week, we will keep everyone up to date via all- calls/text/email, and social media. For the latest information about Riverwalk Academy, please visit our Facebook page.

For the latest Hurricane Florence information, or links to resources, please check out the SC Emergency Management's website at

Again, I appreciate everyone’s trust and support that you have for the staff of Riverwalk Academy.

Stay safe, Lions!