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Afterschool Band Information Meeting (5th - 9th Grade)


To all Riverwalk Parents of 5th - 9th Grade Students:

My name is Monty Johnston and most at the school call me Mr. Monty.  I am responsible for finance, robotics and band this year.  I stepped away from band last year to get a better handle on finance, but the position is open again and I would love to get a solid program started.  It will be difficult, and I know some students have some experience while others may have no experience but would like to begin.  I will be able to have a class during “clubs” on Fridays when that starts. But any of you that ever learned a musical instrument, understand it is impossible to grow in the ability of an instrument by picking it up one hour a week.  So, if there is an interest in getting a foundation for a band program, it will require meeting after school on chosen days in addition to Fridays during school.

I am very interested in incorporating non-traditional “band” instruments such as keyboards and guitars as well.  I will also be asking for volunteers from the staff to help - there are some talented musicians among our staff!  I will do my best to start a beginner class separate from those who already have knowledge of their instruments.  But, the easiest way to understand what classes are needed and what the size of those classes will be, is to have a “band” meeting one afternoon after school.  For anyone interested, 5th-9th grade can meet after school on Tuesday 8/28 at 4pm in the main school multi-purpose room, you can express your interest and desire of what you and your student would like to see for a Riverwalk Band this year.  If your student needs help choosing an instrument, I will have various instruments on hand for them to try.  You may leave your students to dismiss to the multipurpose room and I will watch them until you arrive. Please send me an email with the name of your interested student so I can have a list and watch for them and you won’t have to wait in line to pick them up.  If you can not be there Tuesday, but are interested, please send me an email!

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