**Enrollment Terms & Conditions**

Please read the information carefully and check that you agree to the terms described. * Riverwalk Academy will admit children in Kindergarten through eight grade who are eligible to attend school in the South Carolina Public Charter School District subject to space limitations, and based on grade levels served. There are three steps involved in the student enrollment procedure: (1) Completion of the one-page application for enrollment consideration; (2) Selection based on availability; (3) Completion of the student enrollment package if granted an enrollment spot after the lottery period is over. There is no test required for admission. (1) APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT CONSIDERATION • Riverwalk Academy has a one-page application for enrollment consideration • One application must be completed and submitted for each student seeking enrollment. • Incomplete applications may be returned. • Confirmation of receipt of applications will be sent by email if provided. Please ensure the email address you provide is current on the application. • Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a space available basis. (2) SELECTION • Riverwalk Academy has a rolling admissions policy. This means Riverwalk welcomes applications for enrollment consideration year round. However, each year there will be an “open enrollment” period with an application deadline (The 2018-2019 school year deadline is December 8, 2017 at 4pm). • Students submitting applications for enrollment consideration after the open enrollment deadline of December 8, 2016 will be admitted if there is space available. If there is not space available, those students will be placed in a waiting pool and updated regarding their status. (3) STUDENT ENROLLMENT • A student enrollment package will be sent to students accepted into the school on a lottery basis. • Selected students who choose to attend Riverwalk Academy must fully complete and submit the student enrollment package by January 31, 2018. • Students who do not enroll within the designated period will be withdrawn from the accepted enrollment list and must re-apply if they wish to attend Riverwalk Academy for the 2018-2019 school year. • Every effort will be made to reach each student. • The student enrollment package will require proof of South Carolina residency and immunization records along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

***A child MUST be 5 on or before September 1 to enroll in Kindergarten, as per SC state law. For questions and additional information, please email cstepp.riverwalk@gmail.com or call (803) 327-8400. You may also visit us online at www.riverwalkacademy.com. Riverwalk welcomes prospective parents and guardians to sign up to tour our facility and classrooms. Please contact Matt Stratton at mstratton.riverwalk@gmail.com. Riverwalk Academy is a FREE public charter school to all South Carolina Residents.