Meet our Team

Fifth Grade

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Ms. Rachel Cranford

Hello! My name is Rachel Cranford. This will be my 8th year teaching and my second year at Riverwalk Academy. I am truly looking forward to exploring 5th grade with your children! I grew up in Clover, SC and attended Clemson University (Go TIGERS!) where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I love using technology as a tool in education and studied this in my Masters program. Currently, I live in Rock Hill with my husband Daniel and our awesome dog Mason. What I enjoy most about teaching is showing kids a world outside themselves through reading and exploring subjects they may not normally think about as well as seeing students’ epiphanies or “light bulb moments” when something challenging finally clicks for them. When I’m not at school, I enjoy reading, traveling, making music, cooking, and chasing waterfalls while camping and hiking with my family.

(Interesting fact about me: In 2015, I left teaching to move to Uganda to work with a non-profit called Sole Hope. My picture is of me at the wedding ceremony of a dear friend in Uganda wearing the traditional dress of that region, called a gomesi.)

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Ms. Dwana Tillman

My name is Dwana Tillman and I am a 5th grade facilitator at Riverwalk Academy. I have been in education for over 10 years serving in several capacities ranging from Teacher Assistant to Assistant Principal of a small Christian academy. I received a Bachelor's of Science in Education degree from the College of Charleston in 2005. I have been married for over 20 years to a wonderful man and we have an amazing set of 4 year old twin boys. I love being a part of Riverwalk and look forward to serving the learners and families in whatever capacity I can, for as long as I can.