Riverwalk Academy Book Club begins reading The Hate U Give for 4th quarter

The Riverwalk Academy book club meets from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Fridays in Ms. Manigault’s classroom. Students read a book silently until she provides further instructions.

The club book is currently reading The Hate U Give, provided by the teacher.  

Soon, the club will begin to write assignments and do reports on the book. Members will ask questions about morality, the book’s plot, and the author’s intention.

Club members enjoy many authors and love discovering new books to discuss. Soft music plays in the classroom, and soon the club will have beanbags and (electric) candles.

We asked Ms. Manigault a few questions to learn more about this club:

Q1:  What does the book club value most?

A1: “Classroom discussion and getting children to discuss the books. We definitely focus on that more than everything else.”

Q2: What is the goal for this club?

A2: “I’d say it's for us to talk about our feelings and feel safe to discuss our thoughts for the book. This is a safe place.”

Q3: What type of assignments will the club be doing in the future?

A3: “Mainly likes and dislikes about our book. For example, today’s was ‘Where have you seen hate in the world?’ And there will be many more related to it.”

Q4: Are there limits on how many students you can take? Do you have to buy the book yourself?

“Yes and no. I will take as many students as are willing to read, but I’d like to keep it at 11. You do not have to buy the book yourself, but you do have to check it out if you plan on keeping it after-school.”

Book Club members also write and share their thoughts about other books, sometimes writing quotes and talking about each author.  

To join, students must ask Ms. Krebs or Ms. Manigault.