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Rock Hill, SC – Riverwalk Academy, a Rock Hill based public K-12 charter school, has been approved for another 10 year charter following a multi-step evaluation from the school’s authorizer, the Board of the SC Public Charter School District (SCPCSD). Riverwalk Academy was founded in 2014 with an approach to learning where students learn by solving real-world problems through a project-based learning model (PBL).

When the SCPCSD reviews a school’s performance for renewal consideration, it determines to what extent schools have met specific academic, financial, and operational standards. The review also determines how well schools have complied with federal and state regulations. On March 9, the SCPCSD Board voted in favor to renew Riverwalk Academy’s charter for an additional ten years. 

Head of School Dr. Robert Compton said, “Today’s decision by the SC Public Charter School District validates what we already know, which is that Riverwalk Academy is the best school of choice option for the students in York County and surrounding areas.”

The Riverwalk Academy Board Chair, Mike Riddle, is proud to serve such an innovative public school, and is excited for the next ten years.

It has been such a joy to watch the amazing growth of Riverwalk Academy since its inception, and I can not wait to watch and be a part of the great things that will happen here over the course of the next decade.

The South Carolina Public Charter School District Superintendent, Chris Neeley, is overjoyed by the continued success of Riverwalk Academy.  

“We are thrilled to be able to grant a new 10-year charter to kid-centric Riverwalk Academy. Riverwalk is unique in its educational model with a project-based learning approach that promotes an environment where students are individuals with an immersive dual enrolment program with York Technical College. They are all committed to academic programs that produce outcomes that are aligned with our philosophy of putting all kids first. We are proud to be their partner and look forward to ten more years of growth and progress in the York County region. ” 

Riverwalk Academy, founded in 2014, held its inaugural graduation on May 26, 2022. Two weeks prior to the school’s inaugural graduation, three Riverwalk Academy students graduated from York Technical College with their Associates Degrees. This incredible feat is part of Riverwalk Academy’s Immersive Dual Enrollment Program at York Technical College, which allows our students to get hands-on experience in the areas of study and career fields that interest them. 

Our graduates can credit their success at Riverwalk Academy to both our Immersive Dual Enrollment Program at York Technical College and our innovative approach to education through PBL. Our student-centered teaching method allows students to work on investigating the answer to a complex and authentic question, challenge, or problem. Knowledge retention and attitudes toward learning can increase with high-quality PBL. State standards are incorporated into each project, which prevents students from feeling as if they are presented with facts to merely memorize. 

About Riverwalk Academy: Riverwalk Academy is a public K-12 charter school located in western Rock Hill. Riverwalk Academy is in its ninth year of operation, and it serves over 620 students from seven different school districts. Riverwalk Academy’s uniqueness is its approach to learning, where students learn by solving real-world problems through a project-based learning model.

For more information about Riverwalk Academy, please visit www.riverwalkacademy.com.