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Member schools of Region 3-A of the South Carolina High School League gathered on Friday, October 27, 2023, to recognize outstanding leadership and support of athletics in the region. Riverwalk Academy's high school principal and athletic director, Mr. Richard Ball, was named the 2023-24 Region 3-A Athletic Director of the Year. Chester County School District Superintendent Dr. Antwon Sutton was named the Region 3-A Superintendent of the Year, and Great Falls High School Principal Dr. Jamal Sanders was named Principal of the Year.

"I couldn't be more proud of Mr. Ball's work, not only at Riverwalk Academy but also for all the schools in Region 3-A," said Dr. Robert Compton, Head of School at Riverwalk Academy. "He's not just visible at athletic events; he's truly invested in the success of our student-athletes, both on and off the field.”

Varsity Boys Cross Country Coach, Coach Mark Wilson, said, “Mr. Ball has been a valuable asset to Riverwalk and the region based on his level of fairness and equality represented amongst all. His emphasis on leadership, sportsmanship, and hard work are at the forefront as he continues to build a community of success.”

Mr. Ball, incoming Region 3-A President, is in his second year as high school principal and athletic director at Riverwalk Academy. Under his leadership, the athletic program has become a well-rounded model of character and leadership development, built on a foundation of leadership, sportsmanship, and continuous growth.” 

“I am honored to be recognized as the Region Athletic Director of the Year,” remarked Mr. Bal.  “This recognition is a testament to the incredible athletes, dedicated coaches, and supportive community I have the privilege of working with. Together, we are building a culture based on a set of core values centered around leadership, sportsmanship, and continuous growth. I share this recognition with everyone who has contributed to Riverwalk's success. I am excited to continue our journey towards greater achievements in the world of athletics.”  

Region 3-A member schools are submitting Mr. Ball and the other regional award winners to the South Carolina Athletic Administrators Association for consideration for the 2023-24 SC AAA Awards. Region 3-A member schools include CA Johnson, Governor's School, Great Falls, Lewisville, McBee, Midlands STEM, Riverwalk Academy, and Whitmire.