February is almost here, so it's time to announce our Staff Members of the Month! 

These individuals keep a positive attitude and  are always willing to lend a hand to help our staff and students. These staff members put students first and we are so thankful for the impact they make each day on our campus and in our community.

We would like to congratulate Ms. Pires,  Ms. Oates, and Ms. Johnston for being selected as our February Staff Members of the Month!  We greatly appreciate the time and energy they give to our Pride. These teachers demonstrate our Core Commitments at Riverwalk Academy! 

Ms. Pires,  2nd Grade Teacher

Pires  was nominated by a colleague who said:

"Mrs. Pires has adapted to many changes this year and taken it all in for the betterment of our students. She’s doing a great job and I’m very glad she’s at Riverwalk!"

Ms. Pires was nominated for exhibiting the commitment of "We commit to our school by maintaining an environment where we place the highest value in building positive relationships and maintaining a “we are glad to be here” mindset."

Ms. Oates, Middle School SPED Teacher

Oates  was nominated by a parent who said:

"Ms. Oates takes an active role in assisting her students not only academically but emotionally as well. She sets her students up for success by helping ensure they learn the necessary skills to achieve their goals. She is an asset to Riverwalk. We are lucky to have her"

Ms. Oates was nominated for exhibiting the commitment of "We commit to our students by treating them with respect and fairness so we can fully invest in each child based on their individual needs."

Ms. Johnston, High School Teacher

Johnston  was nominated by a colleague who said:

"Mrs. Johnston is what I refer to as the "Staff Mom". If you need something, she will either have it already or has the ability to find it. She ensures that the teachers have what they need to be prepared to educate our students each day. She will also take the time to touch base with each student, even if that student is not in her class currently. She cares deeply about those around her and we will always be thankful for her!"

Ms. Johnston was nominated for exhibiting the commitment of "We commit to each other by upholding a productive environment through collaboration, preparation, organization, accountability and feedback."

A huge thank you goes to these amazing staff members; thank you for helping us demonstrate the #PowerOfOurPRIDE!