sea lions logo

[Rock Hill, SC] – In a surprising twist that has the staff and students talking, Riverwalk Academy has announced today that it will be changing its mascot from the majestic Lion to the playful Sea Lion. 

"For years, the Lion has been a symbol of strength and courage for our students and athletes. However, we believe it's time for a change," said Mr. Richard Ball, High School Principal. “We've decided to embrace the playful, intelligent, and spirited nature of the Sea Lion. Our teams will now be known as the Riverwalk Sea Lions, adept at navigating both the academic and athletic waves with grace and agility."

This change comes after months of deliberation and consultation with wildlife experts, marine biologists, and the school's athletic teams. The decision aims to reflect the school's commitment to adaptability, community spirit, and, most importantly, a good sense of humor. It also nods to the school’s original proposed location along the Catawba River. 

To celebrate this monumental shift, the school unveiled a new mascot costume that features a sleek, brown sea lion, complete with a whimsical ball balanced on its nose. The costume made its grand debut amidst cheers and laughter as it clumsily navigated the gymnasium, much to the delight of the students.

"April Fools'! While we're proud of our Lion heritage, we couldn't resist the opportunity to dive into the spirit of April Fools' Day with our beloved students and faculty," said Dr. Robert Compton, Head of School. "Rest assured, the Lion remains our proud mascot, and this playful prank embodies the joy and unity we foster here at Riverwalk."

The school assures that no sea lions were consulted in the making of this joke and that the Lion will continue to roar proudly for Riverwalk Academy. This April Fools' Day prank will be remembered as a testament to the school's vibrant community spirit and sense of humor.